George Hogg – guest artist in H’Art Festival exhibition

Acclaimed animal artist George Hogg, who is based in Havering, is the guest artist for our H’Art Festival exhibition. He is showing paintings of a fox (at Romford Library) and a wood pigeon (at Hornchurch Library). Born in 1950 in India, immigrated to Britain in 1978, George began his career as both a lead guitarist and a […]

H’Art Festival – commission4mission exhibition

commission4mission’s art exhibition for the H’Art Festival was set up today and can be found on the ground and first floors of both Hornchurch and Romford Libraries during normal opening hours until Friday 13th June 2014. The exhibition features work by Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley, Jonathan Evens, Mark Lewis, Caroline Richardson, Janet Roberts, Henry Shelton, […]

commission4mission exhibition and the H’Art Festival

Arts Festival for the Barking Episcopal Area (H’Art Festival) Sunday 1st – Sunday 15th June Location – Havering deanery See for more information. The Barking Episcopal Area Arts Festival began in 2011 & involves quality events from a variety of Arts genre as a way of embracing & celebrating performing/visual arts & engaging with local […]

commission4mission’s H’Art Festival exhibition

commission4mission’s next exhibition will be as part of the Barking Episcopal Area Art Festival which this year will be known as the H’Art Festival and will be held in the Havering Deanery from Sunday 1st – Sunday 15th June 2014. The Festival will in parallel to the Hornchurch Festival of Arts and Heritage. commission4mission’s art […]

Deconstructing c o n f l i c t

    ‘Burning Heads’ by Maciej Hoffman   ‘The World In Despair’ by Pouka  ‘Conflict Kid – Fun Future’s Resort’ by Hayley Bowen  ‘Agony’ by Henry Shelton ‘Drawer from The Cabinet of Sin & Salvation’ by Jonathan Evens   Deconstructing c o n f l i c t is an art exhibition that […]