commission4mission banners

We have produced three roll-up banners for display at future events and exhibitions which briefly describe recent commissions, as an additional means of promoting our work of encouraging the commissioning of contemporary art by churches. The banners tell the stories of comissions by Caroline Richardson at St Peters Harold Wood, Rosalind Hore at St Edmunds Tyseley, […]

Colours & Stations of the Cross (2)

Colours & Stations of the Cross is a commission4mission exhibition at All Saints Maldon: Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd April 2011, 10.00am – 4.00pm. Colours & Stations of the Cross features Stations of the Cross by Rosalind Hore combined with pottery by Harvey Bradley. Harvey’s pottery has been designed to complement Rosalind’s Stations through its use […]

Dedication of ‘The Baptism of Jesus’

Yesterday, Revd. Jonathan Evens dedicated ‘The Baptism of Jesus’ by Rosalind Hore which his family have donated to St Edmunds Tyseley, through commission4mission, in memory of his father, Revd. Phil Evens, Vicar of Tyseley from 1989 – 1999. Jonathan introduced the painting and its donation to the congregation as follows: “The painting that is to […]

Dedications of recently completed commissions

We now have details for dedications or thanksgivings for each of our three most recently completed commissions: The dedication of ‘The Baptism of Jesus’ by Rosalind Hore will be at St Edmund’s Tyseley, 10.00am, Sunday 2nd January 2011. The dedication will be by Revd. Jonathan Evens whose family have donated the painting to the church […]

Commission: Fused glass windows at St Peters Harold Wood

Caroline Richardson has just installed our fifth completed commission at St Peters Harold Wood. This commission was for 14 fused glass panels set in steel frames forming two windows; the left window on the theme ‘I am the light of the world’ and the right on the theme ‘I have come that they may have […]