Members update: Chris Clack

  Chris Clack is interviewed in The Palette Pages: ‘Chris is a multi media artist with a focus on spirituality but not in an orthodox religious way, he creates work with expression and uses his art to present his questioning and findings … In 2008 I started the website, and invited other artists to […]

Inspire: art as spiritual exploration

Danielle Lovesey

Tree of Life Blood shed for us Danielle Lovesey’s work is abstract, bright colours and the use of bold but visually interesting lines and blends of colour. Her focus is on biblical and spiritual imagery for her paintings, seeing an image in her mind she then moves to paint it.

‘Run with the Fire’ art talks and demonstration

The programme of art talks throughout the day at the ‘Run with the Fire’ exhibition today provided a broad exploration of approaches to the expression of spirituality in and through the visual arts, while Harvey Bradley provided a practical expression of the same with the painting demonstration. Mark Lewis quoted Rudolf Steiner, who said that […]

ArtWay Meditation

Jonathan Evens has written the ArtWay Visual Meditation for 9th October based on Descent II by Christopher Clack. His meditation, which ends with the question ‘What would be the impact, I wonder, were we more frequently to take religious images out of their religious context, as Clack has done, and trust them to raise their […]