Jim Insole

Jim Insole lives in Neath, South Wales. He became a committed (R.C.) Christian in 1966 and soon became aware of a facility to represent devotional religious and philosophical ideas graphically. He has been engaged in religious art, much of it ceramic, since 1975. Before this he was a gardener and has continually been a folk musician […]

Safety Helmets Must Be Worn

Richard Baxter is taking part in the exhibevent Safety Helmets Must Be Worn at Artistsmeet. Safety Helmets Must Be Work explores how sketchbooks inform and develop creativity and practice by exploring the construction of a sketchbook through the metaphor of building and construction work via the channelling of tunnels, laying foundations and embedding of networks. Artists Books, sketchbooks, […]

Alan Hitching

Trinity Hands Alan Hitching is a poet and potter. He says that poetry and pottery are like two languages for him. Words he has used all his life in poetry to express feelings and faith, the other language of clay he has only over the last 15 years since he was challenged to learn. Joy […]

Peacing Together One World

commission4mission is to hold an exhibition of contemporary Art and Design work in St Mary Magdalen, Billericay. This is a great use of this recently redeveloped old building, with its own heritage, and will open each day during the week 16th – 23rd October from 9.00am to 5.00pm. During these opening times c4m artist Harvey Bradley […]

Harvey Bradley

Harvey Bradley writes: “There is something exciting about taking dull, grey, ash from the burning of wood and using it on pottery, particularly porcelain, to form colourful glazed surfaces. To me this transformation process is meaningful. We use a jug for baptisms at our church on which the ash (symbol of repentance) after being fired […]