Deconstructing c o n f l i c t exhibition

Paintings by Maciej Hoffman together with works by commission4mission artists are on show in Chelmsford Cathedral this week (21st – 23rd October, 7.45am – 9.00pm, ending 3.00pm on 23rd) as part of an exhibition entitled Deconstructing c o n f l i c t for One World Week.   Hoffman is a Polish artist whose work is concerned with […]

Deconstructing c o n f l i c t

Deconstructing c o n f l i c tis an art exhibition, an inter-faith lecture and an opportunity to engage with the aims of One World Week by bringing together people of different faiths and backgrounds from across Essex to share concerns about the causes of conflict, hear others’ points of view and acknowledge shared […]

commission4mission Newsletter No. 6

Pottery and paintings in our ‘Peacing Together One World’ exhibition at St Mary Magdalen, Billericay Newsletter No. 6 – December 2010 Peacing Together One World Peacing Together One World, our most recent exhibition, was held at St Mary Magdalen Billericay during One World Week. The exhibition was curated for us by Harvey Bradley who also […]

Peacing Together One World

commission4mission is to hold an exhibition of contemporary Art and Design work in St Mary Magdalen, Billericay. This is a great use of this recently redeveloped old building, with its own heritage, and will open each day during the week 16th – 23rd October from 9.00am to 5.00pm. During these opening times c4m artist Harvey Bradley […]

Peacing Together One World exhibition

Our next exhibition will be held at St Mary Magdalen Billericay from 16th – 23rd October. The exhibition is to be entitled Peacing Together One World as it will be held during One World Week. We are also planning to hold a Peacing Together One World performance evening on Friday 22nd October, also at St Mary Magdalen […]