New members: Rob Floyd and Christine Garwood

Born in Hertfordshire in 1975, Rob Floyd received a BA in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland, before moving to Chorlton, Manchester- in the late nineties where he lived for fourteen years before recently relocating to Wilmslow, Cheshire with his wife and son. Rob is an artist of the imagination. His work is underpinned […]

Members update: Jean Lamb

Jean Lamb, one of our newest members, will be exhibiting at Southwell Minster (Church St, Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0HD) from 1st – 28th February 2014. The exhibition is entitled SEED:BLOOD and will feature paintings and sculpture on the theme of sacrifice. A preview will be held on 31st January at 7.00pm. Jean works in oils, […]

Members update: Christopher Clack

Christopher Clack has some small portraits in the CafĂ© Gallery’s ‘legendary’ unselected exhibition, which has led the field in hang the lot aesthetics since 1984. This exhibition gives artists the opportunity to present their work in an enjoyable exhibition that is one of the annual highlights of the Gallery’s Calendar.

Harvey Bradley

Harvey Bradley writes: “There is something exciting about taking dull, grey, ash from the burning of wood and using it on pottery, particularly porcelain, to form colourful glazed surfaces. To me this transformation process is meaningful. We use a jug for baptisms at our church on which the ash (symbol of repentance) after being fired […]