Ken Ashby

AntiTorture Christ Over Creation Ken Ashby studied Fine Art at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960’s and, apart from a series of successful murals, hadn’t painted seriously until more recent years. He considers himself to be of the romantic school of art, responding to the beauty he sees around him and painting in different styles depending on the subject […]

Newsletter No. 13 – August 2012

Steve Scott performing at the Launch Night for the ‘Run with the Fire’ exhibition  Running with the Fire – events, exhibitions & coverage California, Devonport, Leicester, London and Streatham. ArtServe, ArtWay, Church & Art Network, Down The Line and Transpositions. These are just some of the places and publications where Run with the Fire, […]

c4m @ the Pentecost Festival (2)

This was our stand at the Pentecost Festival today where we advertised Run With The Fire and our forthcoming exhibitions. Several useful conversations were had while listening to Brian Martin & Worship 4 Life, Sounds of Salvation, and others in the Biblefresh Performance Zone. Among those we met was the artist Ken James.