Members update: Chris Clack

  Chris Clack is interviewed in The Palette Pages: ‘Chris is a multi media artist with a focus on spirituality but not in an orthodox religious way, he creates work with expression and uses his art to present his questioning and findings … In 2008 I started the website, and invited other artists to […]

E17 Art Trail: Steven Saxby interview

Steven Saxby has been interviewed about his curation of exhibitions for the E17 Art Trail. Click here to read the interview in which he says: “It is very exciting that we have these artist expressions of thoughts and feelings and reflections on what is meaningful in their lives and how this can communicate with others […]

‘Run with the Fire’ interviews

Steve Scott has been interviewed about his wide ranging career in art, music and poetry, including his involvement with Run with the Fire, in the current edition of Down The Line magazine. Steve has some fascinating things to say and the interview can be downloaded by clicking here. Transpositions has also published an interview with […]

Transpositions interview

Jonathan Evens has been interviewed about the work of commission4mission for the current online ‘Art in the Church’ workshop at Transpositions. The interview can be found at and more information about the workshop can be found at:

Death is certain – Nothing dies (2)

The digital graphics tryptich Death is certain – Nothing dies formed the centrepiece to the small retrospective of Christopher Clack’s work at Modern Religious Art which ended today. Juxtapositions are Clack’s stock-in-trade. Tyrannasaurus rex and crucifix, cemetery and prism, head formed by the moon, pieta with astronaut – these are just some of the disparate images […]