Members update: Tim Harrold

The Perceptualist Eye is an exhibition by Tim Harrold at The Wellhouse Gallery from 15 May to 10 June 2016. Tim defines ‘Perceptualism’ as ‘the place where the conceptual and the metaphysical meet’, and comes from the word ‘perceive’. The Perceptualist Eye is therefore about a way of seeing, a worldview, a certain perspective. Informed by […]

Members’ update: Nadiya Pavliv Tokarska

Nadiya Pavliv Tokarska is exhibiting at the Edith Stein House in Wroclaw, Poland, this weekend as part of a fascinating weekend of events. The Edith Stein Society is inspired by the diversity of Edith Stein to create a space for cooperation, dialogue and development that shapes an active and responsible society.

Sermon: Emmaus epiphany

As part of ongoing work designed to develop temporary and possibly permanent artworks in the parish of St Paul’s Harlow and St Mary’s Parndon, which will involve a study day on ‘The value of public art’ on Saturday 19th September at St Paul’s Harlow, Jonathan Evens preached the following sermon today at St Paul’s Harlow:   […]

Artist’s update

Robert Enoch’s latest work has been a Pentecost Installation at St Mary’s Hemel Hempstead (see first photo above). He and Jonathan Evens will lead services at St Paul’s Harlow (where Robert created an Easter installation) on Sunday 3rd July as part of ongoing work which commission4mission is undertaking with the church and which is intended […]

Art for Easter Sunday and beyond

The panoramas above show the colour columns that Robert Enoch installed at St Paul’s Harlow from Easter Sunday onwards. Robert’s installation is the first initiative in what we hope will be a developing relationship with the church from which a range of arts initiatives may develop. In the next development Robert and Jonathan Evens will contribute […]