Members update: Hayley Bowen, Chris Clack, Jonathan Evens & John Gentry

John Gentry has four etchings on show at Lisa Anderson’s Wellhouse Gallery Horndon on the Hill, Stanford-le-Hope,¬†Essex. Hayley Bowen is exhibiting in a show called ‘Bah Humbug’ with the KAOS Artist’s Group, at Cass Art in Kingston from Friday 25th November until December 8th. This is an affordable art exhibition with Christmas in mind. All […]

Member’s update

Michael Creasey and Peter Webb will both be exhibiting works in the Spring Exhibition of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers which is being held at Lauderdale House from 14th – 25th March. The Private View is from 7.30pm on 14th March. Mythology in London by Anna Alcock is the next exhibition at […]

West Ham exhibition: Additions

Our newest member, Sergiy Shkanov, has added three works to the ongoing commission4mission exhibition at All Saints West Ham. Tree of Life is an etching on paper from 1984, while Nice to see you and Trinity (see above) are photographs of original stained glass created by Sergiy in 2003.