‘Creation’ Exhibition – Private View

‘Creation’ exhibition: Holy Trinity Sloane Square

Images of AI and genetic engineering are not among those usually found in churches. Hayley Bowen’s ‘Man creating man in the guise of healing’ is a triptych illustrating transhumanism in relation to medicine and its link to covert eugenics, exsoskeletal and organ manipulation, cybernetics and eventually new humanoid creation. The work is currently at Holy […]

‘Creation’ exhibition – All Hallows by the Tower

‘Creation’ is a group show by commission4mission artists at All Hallows by the Tower from Tuesday 15 to Saturday 26 October and Holy Trinity Sloane Square from Tuesday 29 October to Saturday 9 November 2019. The exhibitions can be viewed during the two churches normal opening hours. The Private View at All Hallows is on […]

Mbeng Pouka

Pouka is an artist and sculptor who believes in the ability of human love and kindness to make our world a free and safe environment for every living creature. As we are coming to the climax of technology and increasing knowledge, the interconnection of people makes our world look small. We are now facing a […]

Francesca Ross

Deep Peace, ink (20 x 20 cm) Labyrinth, silk (49 x 49 cm) Francesca Ross works particularly in watercolour, mostly on botanical grade illustrations of plants but also in acrylic, ink and fabric. She tries to show her faith not only in the subject matter (if ‘religious’) but also in the care taken and attention […]