The Barking Episcopal Area Performing Arts Adviser

The Bishop of Barking writes: “Historically The Diocese has a history of excellence in the support of the arts. Bishop George Bell of Chichester was a pioneer in relating the arts to Christian worship. In the thirties there was a Chelmsford Diocesan Director of religious drama. The relationship of the arts to Christian worship, witness […]

commission4mission catalogue

Our newly produced catalogue briefly tells our story and profiles our current artists showcasing the wide range of media and styles which can be commissioned from our artists. The catalogue includes the following article on the ‘Challenges of Church Art’ by The Revd Jonathan Evens, Secretary of commission4mission: Local churches contemplating the possibility of commissioning […]

Perspectives on commissioning Christian Art (1)

Bishop David speaking during the Study Day Peter Judd, Peter Webb, James Bettley, Henry Shelton & Harvey Bradley Part of the Study Day audience Lunchtime discussions at the commission4mission exhibition Viewing the commission4mission exhibition Cartoons of artworks commissioned by Peter Judd Study Day participant talking to Peter Webb What follows is the introduction by Jonathan […]