New Roots August Artist in Residence: Irina Bradley

In partnership with commission4misssion New Roots has begun featuring an Artist in Residence each month. In August 2018 the Artist in Residence is commission4mission member Irina Bradley. Irina Bradley is an iconographer, specialising in Russo-Byzantine style, who follows the traditional way of icon painting, which is regarded as a contemplative practice. It is a transformative process, which […]

Valerie Dean – first New Roots Artist in Residence

Valerie Dean is the first New Roots Artist in Residence. Valerie’s series of pictures as Artist in Residence on the New Roots website will feature angels. “I think it possible that angels really exist, as messengers of God. In any case they represent the moment when we feel touched by the transcendent and perhaps feel […]

New Roots – Artists in Residence

New Roots seeks to meet the needs of those who ‘believe but don’t belong’, nurturing a place of support, resource and encouragement. Find them here. New Roots is excited that from July 2018 they will feature an ‘Artist in Residence’ each month and have initially teamed up with commission4mission to begin working with a number of artists. The […]

Ally Clarke interview

Ally Clarke is interviewed in the current edition of Third Way about her role as artist in residence for the Bradfield Club, a youth and community centre in Peckham. In the interview Ally says, “My heart in inhabiting this place [the Bradfield Club] is to be obedient and joyful in creating artwork, and also in and through this […]

Installations by Ally Clarke – 1. Chosen Stones

For her first piece of work as Artist in Residence at the Bradfield Club, Ally Clarke wanted to create an artwork that in some way would enable her to become more connected to the Club – its origins, history and current contributors. In addition, she wanted to convey her heartfelt belief that the Bradfield Club […]