Michael Garaway

Michael Garaway has explored a range of media and processes in his art practice, which responds mainly to urban landscapes and new technologies. His work is characterised by an interest in structure and composition, as well as a sensitive use of tone and colour.

Michael’s professional experience is further varied by having worked in a number of graphic artist, technical support and education roles. He continues to teach part-time in Higher Education, and was previously responsible for Multimedia and Fine Art related courses at Reading College and Thames Valley University. He also taught on creative courses at the Ealing School of Art, Design & Media at the University of West London.

The images of Michael’s work here indicate his treatment of both religious and secular subjects, and include earlier works which touch on environmental and spiritual concerns.

Valerie Dean

Valerie came back to England in 2007 after living for 27 years in Belgium. There she studied art for six years and had various exhibitions in and around Brussels. On returning to England she became involved in the Kent art scene and exhibits regularly in the Francis Iles gallery in Rochester.
‘I work in acrylics and my technique is usually to put materials and colours on canvas or board to see what emerges. It is a dialogue between me and my materials. Because of my background this often consists of figures around a religious theme. Very often people seem to want to appear in my paintings, a little like the pictures in the fire I used to see as a child.
‘I have recently completed a series of Stations of the Cross (see ‘Buy art online’) and would like to lend or donate them to a church that would find them useful in worship.’

Art for Art’s Sake

commission4mission member Danielle Lovesey is organising the Art for Art’s Sake sale at St Peter’s Aldborough Hatch on Saturday 7th December from 10.00am to 4.00pm. commission4mission will have a stall at the sale including books, cards, Christmas cards, jewellery, notebooks, prints and t shirts produced by our members.

Inspire: art as spiritual exploration

‘St Stephen Walbrook’ by Ross Ashmore ‘Strange Fruit’ by Christopher Clack ‘Siloam’ by Anne Creasey ‘World in Despair’ by Pouka ‘Creation: Prayerful Attention’ by Jonathan Evens ‘Samson’s Jackals’ by Peter Webb Inspire: art as spiritual exploration promises be one of commission4mission’s most varied, exciting and interesting shows. Ross Ashmore will show his depiction of St […]

Inspire: art as spiritual exploration