Christian Art – fallacy or fusion?

Jonathan Evens is running a course entitled ‘Christian Art – fallacy or fusion?’ as part of the Eastertide School in the Diocese of Chelmsford. The course aims to explore approaches to and understanding of the relationship between art and faith.  In this course participants will explore approaches to engaging with and looking attentively at art in addition […]

Member’s update: Jonathan Evens

Is there really a ‘Secret Chord’ that would both please the LORD and nearly everybody else as described in Leonard Cohen’s popular song ‘Hallelujah’  And are there some people who just don’t get music, as in the next line in Cohen’s lyric? These are among the questions explored in The Secret Chord, a new book by Peter Banks  and Jonathan Evens.  […]

Approaches to church-based exhibitions

Jonathan Evens has a review in the latest issue of Art & Christianity. Although a review of the Resurrection exhibition held by Christian Arts at Bury St Edmonds, the piece also questions, as a stimulus to debate, approaches taken by Christian arts organisations such as Christian Arts and commission4mission to the church-based exhibitions we organise. […]

Airbrushed from Art History?

Jonathan Evens is asking for help with a Personal Development project that he is currently undertaking. The project involves him firstly in reviewing and updating his reading on Christian influences on Modern and Contemporary Art and secondly in posting summaries of these influences at his blog. He is calling the series of posts ‘Airbrushed from […]

Interviews with C4M Patron & Founder

David Hawkins, the Bishop of Barking, is himself a practising artist as well as being Patron of Commission For Mission. His views on art and the need for the Church to re-engage with the arts can be read in a three-part intervew by clicking here, here and here. Henry Shelton is the founder of Commision […]