maryjean donaghey

Painting covers abstract (geometric) and objective work. I also work in stained glass-panels, painted and fused glass. I have done illustrations for children’s books, commissions for paintings of St Fechin’s miracles and others. Mary is also a member of the Society of Catholic Artists.

I am with you always

Nicolas Young has provided a description for his work ‘I am with you always’: ‘I am with you always refers to some of Christ’s last words to his disciples, before His ascension. For the believer, I am with you always exemplifies the spiritual and material principle of God being outside time and space, and before, […]

Danielle Lovesey

Tree of Life Blood shed for us Danielle Lovesey’s work is abstract, bright colours and the use of bold but visually interesting lines and blends of colour. Her focus is on biblical and spiritual imagery for her paintings, seeing an image in her mind she then moves to paint it.

Member’s update: Elizabeth Duncan Meyer

Elizabeth Duncan Meyer, sculptor, painter and print-maker, has a new website. Do visit the site in particular for an excellent gallery of Elizabeth’s work.  As stated on the site, “Although a colorist, with a natural tendency towards abstraction and simplification, Elizabeth’s work remains subtle and at a times mystical, interwoven with images reflecting aspects of her […]

‘Run with the Fire’ art talks and demonstration

The programme of art talks throughout the day at the ‘Run with the Fire’ exhibition today provided a broad exploration of approaches to the expression of spirituality in and through the visual arts, while Harvey Bradley provided a practical expression of the same with the painting demonstration. Mark Lewis quoted Rudolf Steiner, who said that […]