Members Update: Tim Harrold

Two of the Domino box pieces are currently appearing in a group show at the Well House Gallery in Horndon on the Hill. Works on show will include paintings, drawings, mixed media, mosaic, and 3-dimensional assemblages. All of the artists in the show create work that has a meaning behind it, and find that this […]

Terry Ffyffe tribute

A year has passed since the untimely death of Terry Ffyffe and his brother Danny has marked Terry’s passing with a tribute to him in which he says: ‘Whether in his studies of human form or of the overwhelming indifference of the desert, Terry used his brushes and his insight to draw us toward contemplation […]

Interviews: Deborah Harrison & David Millidge

Deborah Harrison and David Millidge have both recently been interviewed about their work. Read the interviews here and here. Deborah says, ‘Alabaster is my favourite, as I love its translucency, grain, colour and smooth texture. A sculpture in alabaster is impossible to copy as the internal construction of the stone is so unique. I also […]

Members update: Christopher Clack & Jonathan Evens

Christopher Clack has work in the RA Summer Exhibition, the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize 2019, the National Original Print Exhibition 2019 and the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. Jonathan Evens has recently had a feature article published by Artlyst on ‘Art, Faith, Church Patronage and Modernity’. He also has a review of Peter Webster’s ‘Church and […]

New members: Eugenia Jacobs, Lucy Morrish, Irene Novelli

Eugenia Jacobs is an iconographer. Her Christ in Glory features Christ sitting on a throne of judgment, the symbols of the four evangelists in the corners and celestial being around his throne. Lucy Morrish has always been extremely fond of architecture and Christian art since a very young age. Strong memories of her childhood include […]