Martin Cosgrove

I love the countryside and nothing inspires me more than a good walk in the Yorkshire Dales or along the North Norfolk coast. I love the drama of the landscape, the colours of the land and sky, the fresh air and the peace and tranquillity of getting away from people and civilisation: feeling totally alone in the land. I love being surrounded by the sound and aroma of nature and being challenged by inclines and weather. It is my personal response to this feeling of breath-taking, awe inspiring beauty that I try to capture and express in my paintings. I cannot ever replicate it but I can try to bring the outside in.

For me painting and drawing is all very meditative and contemplative. It involves a lot of stillness. I try, if at all possible, to get into that frame of mind when I am painting that artists sometimes call “flow”: when one becomes blissfully unaware of time passing or what is going on outside the studio. It’s a mental state where deep unconscious processes take over and art happens without too much conscious struggle.

I am one of the members of Artspace, the art committee organising art events and exhibitions at Bradford Cathedral in West Yorkshire. My role is to work with the other members of the committee in general terms and to curate some of the fine art exhibitions at the Cathedral.

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Approaching the Peak Approaching the Ridge Cliffs at sunrise Cove Distant Horizon Midnight reflections on the lake Play of Light at sunrise Sun and Shade in Swaledale Sunrise North Norfolk Coast