Clorinda Goodman

Clorinda began stone carving in 2007 with Matt Caines in the Crypt at St John, Bethnal Green, London. She also took up drawing there with Regan O’Callaghan, and at the Sir John Soane Museum. She finds carving in stone an absorbing process, and a wonderful antidote to today’s frenetic online lifestyle. Clorinda had to fit this round her other work commitments and first love of singing – mostly liturgical music in a church setting.
As an academic child she was pushed away from the arts and creativity, but is delighted to continue developing her skills, and uphold the traditions of carving that have so enhanced our sense of the divine, worship and place for centuries. Her pieces are low-relief carvings or table-top three dimensional pieces, mostly of her own design, although her latest work “Lion of Judah” was inspired by a carving destroyed mid 7thC in Israel. They combine ideas from both the classical and Judaeo-Christian traditions – “Eden” and “Stella Maris” – and are intended to facilitate meditation and contemplation as well as provide visual pleasure.

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