Elisabeth Deane

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Elisabeth Deane is a London based-painter making contemporary art with a traditional twist. She specialises in traditional miniature painting techniques derived from India and Persia. Creating joy through colour is of paramount importance and many of the colours – lapis lazuli, malachite and cinnabar have been sourced from the earth and ground painstakingly by hand before being applied onto the surface. Works are on gesso panels and handmade Indian paper. For Elisabeth, colours are ‘a powerful force that create vibrations which sing.’ The abstract, geometric nature of some of her work represents both the simple and the universal, the micro and the macro and the interplay of these dichotomies.

Elisabeth has also worked with Irina Bradley to learn traditional icon painting – a contemplative practice. Depicted here is ‘God as Geometer of the World’ – an icon she painted under Irina’s tutelage. The original image is a miniature from a French Bible (folio I verso), c.1220-1230. The image is of God drawing the universe with the aid of a pair of compasses. Below the original image, a text states in French, “Here God creates heaven and earth, the sun and moon, and all the stars”. This image is strikingly beautiful because it draws attention to the mysteries of the cosmos and the microcosm (a compass drawing a circle) being present within the macrocosm (planetary movement). It also indicates the Divine Creator – a presence that is directly representative of ‘mystery’ and our limited understanding of this life.

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