Dorothy Morris

Dorothy Morris writes: ‘I am usually ‘inspired’ by social events hence my exhibition of ‘Life on the estuary’ and the ‘Last Three Seine Net Fishing Boats’ at The National Waterfront Museum, July 2012. I was also inspired by daunting social injustices to produce my latest exhibition in The White Room at The Grand Theatre Swansea, 6th to 23rd November 2012. ‘We Are sacred, We Are Beautiful’ after viewing an image of a woman being stoned to death. For me art is an empowering medium to portray ideas more directly than words and although I trained initially in Fashion and textiles and ‘enjoy’ the decorative arts, I believe art can be used to record or produce profound and lasting statements and I admire so many artists who have used their work in this way.’

1, All Gods Children ( inspired by travels to Malawi 2015)
2, Street kids ( observed in Amritsar, Northern India )
3, Unborn ( Inspired by watching a programme on TV of an orphanage in Bulgaria where the children only managed to leave if they died.)
4, Under a Hot Sun ( inspired by the hard-working women of Malawi)
5, ”When We Wreck this World” ( inspired by concerns of our exploitation of our planet)
6, Naomi as part of a project “We Are Sacred, We Are Beautiful” this project involved 20 women who volunteered to pose naked as a protest of the ill-treatment of women who have been tortured or stoned to death by a barbaric culture.
7, Evidence of Civilisation ( inspired by all the litter debris and packaging that pollutes our world”
8, Fishermen on the Towy( inspired by the ancient art of seine net fishing on the river Towy)
9, The calf and the temple ( inspired by my visit to Northern India and the relationship between the very rich and the very poor)
10, Lily’s Wall, ( a statement about the fragility of our planet and how easily nature can be damaged by man’s ignorance, just like wallpaper it can be peeled away leaving nothing but emptiness)
11, The Tea maker, (there was something spiritual about this simple man and the service he provided)
12, Orphans, ( one of the many ceramic figures I created after watching the state of the children in a Bulgarian orphanage)

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when we wreck Under a Hot Sun unborn the temple and the calf the tea maker fishermen lily's wall Naomi orphans street kids evidence of civilisation all gods children