Deborah Harrison

Deborah has been sculpting in stone since 2004. She is largely self taught although she recently gained a diploma in Stone Masonry. Her work is inspired by the figurative form, nature, mythology and the Biblical narrative. Each sculpture is uniquely engrained with emotional and prophetic meaning. In 2014 she began carving a series called, ‘Testimonies of the Dispossessed’ which are personal and often transformational stories carved in Portland stone.

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Connection Date: January 2016 Portland Stone Dimensions: 70cm x 35cm x 30cm






'weeping lady' Date- 28.01.2016 Portland stone, Dimensions- 65cm x 45cmX 23cm

Weeping Lady Date: January 2015 Portland Stone Dimensions: 23cm x 45cm x 65cm.


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Still I Rise Date: September 2016 Portland Stone Dimensions: 53cm x 38cm x 25cm

WP_20160921_12_08_07_Pro WP_20160921_12_14_52_Pro






Agonia Date: September 2016 Portland Stone Dimensions: 62cm x 35cm x 30cm.

WP_20160921_12_25_34_Pro WP_20160921_12_26_59_Pro