Adeliza Mole

I have faith. I seek further faith and understanding. I was brought up in the Church of England. I am part of an evangelical church in Basingstoke and like to communicate with other churches. I find inspiration and hope in the Word. I particularly cling to a family tradition of landscape painting, which enables me to fundamentally appreciate, defend and value creation. My creative empathies lie with William Blake and Samuel Palmer. I favour watercolour, oils, mixed media and, more recently, three dimensional paper work and work with clay. Sometimes this is channeled into an obvious interpretation of, in particular, Genesis. The precious first words of the Old Testament are creative gems for me. Sometimes this analysis is tinged with my empathy with the early Hebrew illustrations of the Word. I have recently discovered the ancient Sarajevo Haggadah and am particularly interested in Jewish studies. I would like to learn more and see more.

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