Annual Report 2019-20



Trustees’ Annual Report for the period

01/04/19 – 31/03/20

Section A                        Reference and administration details

Charity name: commission4mission

Registered charity number: 1161109

Charity’s principal address: 6 Bellvue Road, Romford RM5 3AY

Names of the charity trustees who manage the charity

Trustee name

Office (if any)

Dates acted if not for whole year

Name of person (or body) entitled to appoint trustee (if any)

Revd Jonathan Evens

Secretary & Treasurer



Mr Mark Lewis




Mr Harvey Bradley




Mr Henry Shelton




Mrs Barbara Harris




Ms Hayley Bowen


From 28/10/19



Section B              Structure, governance and management

Description of the charity’s trusts

Type of governing document: Constitution adopted 14th March 2015  

 How the charity is constituted: Association, with a membership

Trustee selection methods: Trustees are appointed or reappointed annually at the Annual General Meeting

Additional governance issues: commission4mission has partnerships with HeartEdge, New Roots and


Section C                    Objectives and activities

Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document

To promote the arts and advance religion by:

(a) reinvigorating the role of Christian art in church communities and in public life through fostering awareness (by means of exhibitions, study days etc.) of the value of contemporary Christian art in public spaces, as an inspiration to and resource for teaching, learning and worship;

(b) encouraging the commissioning and placing of contemporary Christian art in churches; and

(c) enabling artists to develop their skills and practice in contemporary Christian art through the sharing of information and ideas in networking events, art workshops and similar activities.

Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects

commission4mission benefits the public by enhancing church and public spaces through the commissioning and display of contemporary art, and by sharing the proceeds of commissions and sales of this work with other charities.


Our objects are achieved by:


  • Providing opportunities for churches and other organisations to obtain and commission contemporary Christian art.
  • To enable artists to develop their skills and practice in contemporary Christian art through the sharing of information and ideas.
  • To provide information, ideas and examples of contemporary Christian art and its use/display within church and public settings; and
  • To generate funds for charities through commissions and sales of contemporary Christian art, which in turn encourages and supports the commissioning process.


Section D                      Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year


Mark Lewis, Chairman of commission4mission writes: ‘Further to our AGM in October and the decision made there to withdraw from registration as a Charity with the Charity Commission, we have regrettably had to take the further decision to dissolve commission4mission in its present form. I would like to thank all our members who have contributed to exhibitions over the last ten years and helped to make events a success.

This decision has not been taken lightly. Jonathan Evens has fulfilled the role of Secretary and Treasurer from the inception of commission4mission but, because of pressure of other commitments, will shortly step down from the Committee. Jonathan has undertaken these roles with exceptional dedication and commitment and we thank him sincerely for all he has done to develop and administer commission4mission. Given the demands of his current ministry we fully understand his wish to give up these committee positions.

Additionally, I had considered standing down as chairman at the next AGM because other life commitments are just making too many demands on me at present and in the foreseeable future. Harvey Bradley, has also decided to leave the committee for similar reasons. Harvey has been an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the committee since commission4mission began and we extend our heartfelt thanks for his valuable contributions.

Unfortunately without a fully constituted committee, a group becomes untenable and we know from experience that it will be difficult to fill these positions and maintain the organization and administration of commission4mission in anything like its present form. Many of our members live outside London, with other work and personal commitments and we feel it is unlikely that any would wish to take on the demands of these committee roles and be in a position to attend regular meetings.

The committee are meeting to decide on the disposal of commission4mission funds in order that we close commission4mission following the Charity Commission’s guidelines and to consider how we might continue as a community of artists in some other capacity.  This will, of course, not be under the banner of commission4mission. Your ideas in this regard would be welcome.’

For further information or to share ideas, please contact Mark Lewis on

Charitable donation:

Our annual charitable donation made based on our income for 2018-19 was £171.00 to the National Autistic Society. Once commitments to creditors had been honoured, on closure commission4mission had £4,595.00. This amount will be distributed in equal amounts to: The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields; The Salvation Army; The National Autistic Society; and PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals).


Our first exhibition in this period was ‘Reconciliation,’ an exhibition by commission4mission artists in the Chapel of Christ the Servant at Coventry Cathedral from 10 March – 12 April 2019.

The title and theme for the exhibition were understood in terms of reconciliations that are emotional, political, personal, biblical, national, communal etc.

Our artists reflected broadly on the theme responding with imagery that ranges from various forms of embrace, through pardoning and connections to aspects of the Life of Christ including Annunciation, Crucifixion and Glorification. Contemporary issues addressed include conflicts in the Middle East and plastic pollution. There were also images of Coventry Cathedral itself, emphasising its reconciliation ministry. A mix of abstract and representational imagery was created, utilising ceramics, collage, digital illustration, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture.’

The exhibition included work by Ally Ashworth, Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley, Irina Bradley, Valerie Dean, Mary Donaghey, Jonathan Evens, Maurizio Galia, Michael Garaway, John Gentry, Clorinda Goodman, Laura Grenci, Deborah Harrison, David Hawkins, Anthony Hodgson, Eugenia Jacobs, Mark Lewis, David Millidge, Lucy Morrish, Irene Novelli, Janet Roberts, Henry Shelton, and Peter Webb.

‘Creation’ was a group show by commission4mission artists at All Hallows by the Tower from Tuesday 15 to Saturday 26 October and Holy Trinity Sloane Square from Tuesday 29 October to Saturday 9 November 2019. The title and theme for the exhibition was understood in terms of emotions, ecology, personal, biblical etc. A mix of abstract and representational imagery was created, utilising assemblage, ceramics, digital illustration, drawing, painting, puppetry and sculpture.

Our artists reflected broadly on the theme and 25 artists responded with imagery that ranged from depictions of the Genesis Creation stories to Christ’s birth and our recreation through redemption, by way of flower studies, the creation of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance, and future creation using AI and genetic engineering.

The exhibitions included work by Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley (All Hallows only), Irina Bradley, Lewis Braswell (Holy Trinity only), Cathie Chappell, Valerie Dean (Holy Trinity only), Jonathan Evens, Mary Flitcroft, Maurizio Galia, Michael Garaway, John Gentry, Clorinda Goodman, Laura Grenci, Barbara Harris, Deborah Harrison, David Hawkins, Alan Hitching (All Hallows only), Anthony Hodgson, Jacek Kulikowski, Mark Lewis, David Millidge, Dorothy Morris, Jacqui Parkinson, Janet Roberts (Holy Trinity only), and Henry Shelton.


Jonathan Evens created termly newsletters with information regarding commission4mission’s activities and exhibitions/events to which our members were contributing. Our thanks to Michael Garaway, who offered to take on this role prior to the decision to close commission4mission.


The third commission4mission creative retreat took place at Othona, Bradwell, Essex in May 2019. This was a time for reflection, creativity and fellowship with creative time including drawing, painting, photography, reading, writing, poetry and beach-combing etc. Services were in St Peter’s Chapel Bradwell-on-Sea and meals and accommodation with the Othona Community. Othona is located on a peaceful and inspirational corner of the Essex coast. Much thanks to Mark Lewis for organising this creative retreat once again.

The retreat programme included:

  • Exploring the Bradwell locality – visiting the Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall and nearby coastal walk. A brief introduction to the history of the area.
  • Opportunities for participants to discuss their work and practice.
  • Worship in the Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall.
  • Creative time. Drawing/painting /photography/ writing poetry/ beach-combing, etc….. Responding to the local surroundings.
  • Open discussion and fellowship on the theme of “The relationship between art and spirituality”.
  • Micro-exhibition. Sharing the fruits of our labours and reflections on our time at Othona.


In undertaking these activities the trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit.



Particular thanks are due to our Patrons (The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell and The Rt Revd David Hawkins), our committee members (Hayley Bowen, Harvey Bradley, Jonathan Evens, Barbara Harris, Mark Lewis, and Henry Shelton), and David Millidge (for his work on exhibitions). 


The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above.

Signed on behalf of the charity’s trustees:



Full name: Revd Jonathan Evens

Position: Secretary

Date: 20/02/20






Financial statement for the year ended 31st March 2020