Terry Ffyffe tribute

A year has passed since the untimely death of Terry Ffyffe and his brother Danny has marked Terry’s passing with a tribute to him in which he says:

‘Whether in his studies of human form or of the overwhelming indifference of the desert, Terry used his brushes and his insight to draw us toward contemplation of the essence of man’s existence that resonated for him as an expression of a “Guiding, Loving Hand”, that was discernible in the Big Bang as well as the daily unfolding of exuberant life. It is a source of ongoing joy and delight that in his final series Painting the Light, Terry was able to simultaneously express not only his awe at the beauty and magnitude of the universe but also the explosion of colour, a reflection of his own barely containable joy in the consciousness of being alive.

Thank you, my brother, for the gift of your life and your work.’

Read the full tribute here.