Interviews: Deborah Harrison & David Millidge

‘The Last Supper’ by David Millidge

Deborah Harrison and David Millidge have both recently been interviewed about their work. Read the interviews here and here.

Deborah says, ‘Alabaster is my favourite, as I love its translucency, grain, colour and smooth texture. A sculpture in alabaster is impossible to copy as the internal construction of the stone is so unique.

I also love marble pieces as they have a grace and life about them, which gives them a sense of spiritual presence. Marble is one of the more expensive stones available to carve. It has been associated with the elite and wealthy since ancient times so has a bit of a wow factor.’

In his interview for CAKE. David’s sculptures are described as being ‘breathtakingly unordinary, so powerfully different, yet encapsulating the smoothness and elegance of ceramics like you haven’t seen before.’