New member: Mary Flitcroft

10th Station. Jesus is Crucified. 'Some remain.' 74 x 55cmMary Flitcroft is a ceramic artist, her work is contemplative and abstract. She currently works with porcelain paper clay in very thin, translucent sheets which she folds, tears, cuts, marks and stains with colours. ‘Clay bears the imprint of what is done to it, carrying the memory of it in the body. The porcelain is fine and light, it has both frailty and strength: permanence is held in fragility’.

Most recently Mary has created Stations of the Cross to be used in churches during the season of Lent and Holy Week.

‘Each piece provides a place to stop, look, reflect and contemplate. My hope is that this work allows viewers to engage deeply with Jesus’s journey from Gethsemane to the tomb.’1st Station. Jesus Prays. 'Stay with me.'  45 x 33cm


In 2019 Mary plans to exhibit at:

  • Sarum College, Salisbury 1st March – 18th April 2019
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford 2019 (dates TBC)
  • St George, Edgbaston, Birmingham 2019 (dates TBC)