New members: Eugenia Jacobs, Lucy Morrish, Irene Novelli

Evgenia JacobsEugenia Jacobs is an iconographer. Her Christ in Glory features Christ sitting on a throne of judgment, the symbols of the four evangelists in the corners and celestial being around his throne.

Lucy Morrish has always been extremely fond of architecture and Christian artheavenly-jerusalem since a very young age. Strong memories of her childhood include visiting Burton Dassett Church where she was filled with joy and beauty and this left a strong impression from childhood which can now clearly seen in her work. She currently attends the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts. She paints icons and illuminated manuscripts with a christian meaning with help from her master icon painter Dr. Irina Bradley. One theme she is exploring is an ancient manuscript called Joseph the Just and Aseneth his wife. She hopes to create a scene involving an episode in the manuscript where Aseneth gets swarmed by bees and becomes a City of Refuge.

Irene NovelliIrene Novelli paints christian icons according to the byzantine tradition. She has been practicing iconography for a few years with Irina Bradley and as an occasional student at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts in London.