Terry Fyffe RIP

W21A9905Terry Fyffe died earlier this year while in Melbourne. Terry will be much missed by all in commission4mission. He was a regular exhibitor from the point of joining and always had much to contribute in terms of talking about his own work and that of others. Terry had found a new direction for his work in his final years and was greatly encouraged by the success of his final exhibitions.
Our secretary, Jonathan Evens, has said that it was a pleasure to organise an exhibition of Terry’s religious art at St Stephen Walbrook, including his new cosmic art. These final exhibitions were a real encouragement to him as people responded so well to his cosmic art and the St Stephen Walbrook show was a summation of what he considered to be the heartbeat of his work.
Among tributes to Terry from our artists was the following:
‘I loved Terry’s uncommon mixture of Aussie say-it-like-it-is effrontery, a healthy dose of cynical humour, and his figurative and abstract depictions of the mystical. I discovered Terry to be a warm and generous man with a wonderful and interesting life story – and a love of Jesus. Terry’s faith journey was certainly unorthodox, but he never lost touch with his church roots where, as a youth, he obviously found himself attracted to the mystery and symbolism of Christian belief, something that never left him and to which he returned in his paintings.’