Members update: Maurizio Galia

Prog50Maurizio Galia is currently committed to his new storyboards projects, smaller commissions, and the promotion of his book “Prog 50” which has a foreword by Peter Gabriel.

This book is a complete compendium of prog music, starting in the late sixties, flowing through the years up to yesterday. It documents 50 years of progressive rock around the world, with thousands of artists bios and discographies.

The book has been reviewed by Prog magazine who described it as an ‘impressive Galia reviewattempt to squeeze the prog world into one paperback reference’:

‘you’ll easily make intriguing discoveries from places such as Peru, Korea, the Czech Republic and Estonia – many of which are 70s-centric, of course. Broken up with artwork and photos, although all in black-and-white, the text is clear, with notable references in bold, and a discography to go with each entry.’

Maurizio has played in the Prog Rock bands Maury E I Pronomi and Aquael. He has also recently had two of his paintings entered into the personal archive of Vittorio Sgarbi, the Italian art critic and curator.