Alternative Stations of the Cross

StationsSMITF2On Monday of Holy Week Jonathan Evens led Alternative Stations of the Cross at St Martin-in-the-Fields, a time of contemplation on the Stations of the Cross using images, meditations, music and prayers. For this service he used meditations and images from ‘Mark of the Cross’, his collaboration with Henry Shelton, as well as showing the Stations of the Cross created by Valerie Dean.

StationsSMITF3These images are all available for download via ‘Mark of the Cross‘ features 20 poetic meditations on Christ’s journey to the cross and reactions to his resurrection and ascension (images by Henry Shelton and words by Jonathan Evens). ‘Stations of the Cross‘ by Valerie Dean are available as a powerpoint presentationand as a pdf file. Her ‘Stations of the Cross’ have a very clear and intense focus on details which are evocative of the whole. Individual images, pdfs and powerpoints for these collections are all available for download from The Worship Cloud.