Members update: Harvey Bradley

BradleyHarvey Bradley writes:

“A year ago I was thinking of closing down my pottery for ‘the quieter life’. Then, as John O’Donohue puts it:

“A gift is the most beautiful of intrusions. It arrives underserved and unexpected. It comes ashore in our hearts carefully formed to fit exactly the shape of our hunger we might not even know we had. Every gift has an inner lamp that casts a new brightness over an undiscovered field of the heart.  In this light we discover and bring birth something new within us……The beauty of the gift is the secret way that awakens us to growth.”

My work now makes sense again and is full of possibilities “… the  gift of creativity”.  (Divine Beauty, John O’Donohue)

Praise to the Lord of gifts in whose Creation we can play our parts.

Upcoming exhibitions in which I am taking part :

  • Anglian Potters ‘Norwich Exhibition’ taking place in the Undercroft Gallery, Market Place, Norwich. Dates: 16th  March to 1st April , free entry each day 10am  – 4.30pm. Over 70 potters are taking part in this prestigious selling display in the heart  of this vibrant city.
  • ‘Another Talking Brush’ illustrated talk, demonstration and display of work by Harvey Bradley at the Anglian Potters  Event, Mundford Village Hall, Mundford – Sunday 6th May 10am – 4 pm.
  •  ‘Potters’ at St Lawrence’s Art Centre, South Walsham. Free entry each day 5th – 7th May 10am – 4.30pm.”