New member: Dorothy Morris

all gods childrenDorothy Morris writes: ‘I am usually ‘inspired’ by social events hence my exhibition of ‘Life on the estuary’ and the ‘Last Three Seine Net Fishing Boats’ at The National Waterfront Museum, July 2012. I was also inspired by daunting social injustices to produce my latest exhibition in The White Room at The Grand Theatre Swansea, 6th to 23rd November 2012. ‘We Are sacred, We Are Beautiful’ after viewing an image of a woman being stoned to death. For me art is an empowering medium to portray ideas more directly than words and although I trained initially in fashion and textiles and ‘enjoy’ the decorative arts, I believe art can be used to record or produce profound and lasting statements and I admire so many artists who have used their work in this way.’


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