Members updates

Garaway exhibAs well as participating in the Vision exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook in September, Michael Garaway also has the following upcoming event: “Combination” is a solo exhibition of paintings by Michael Garaway, which opens on Saturday 23rd September 2017 and runs until 12th October, at the Peacock Gallery, Maiden Erlegh School, Silverdale Road, Earley, Reading, Berkshire RG6 7HS. The exhibition will present new artworks that interpret the urban landscape of Reading using various media. Opening view is on Saturday 23rd September from 1300-1500. Opening times are 1000 – 1500 on Saturdays after the start and 1500-1630 on weekdays, with free entry and parking nearby. Further details about the community gallery can be found here.

Susan Latchford‘s latest mosaic The Seeker, is a representation of a person engaged in meditation or prayer Latchfordseeking the divine within – the Christ nature or Buddha nature. She is exhibiting at Rome to London until 16th September.

Harrold ladderTim Harrold made this assemblage using ‘found’ (and a few sourced) objects in spring 2017 for a solo exhibition in Sheffield. He recently took the piece to St Margaret’s, Stanford-le-Hope, but also spoke with the aid of a Powerpoint presentation containing close ups of the piece to explain the ‘visual parable of a journey of discovery’ – That is, finding faith in Jesus. All the way up the outside of the ladder are a series of ‘found’ windows, each one larger than the one below, representing a widening of revelation and a deepening of understanding. The journey begins at the bottom (and ends at the top), where he talked about Matthew 7:7, as there’s a small figure at the start of their search for meaning and truth. It says, ‘immediate attention required – response required’ – do we have ears to hear? He mentioned also the white stone (on which our secret names are written) of Revelation 2:17 as being the evidence that God knows us better than we know ourselves. The figure has ‘moved’ to a little door and is knocking – the second part of Matthew 7:7. The journey up the ladder was used to illustrate the various stages of revelation that Jesus takes us through.

John Gentry will be exhibiting with Christian Arts in Worcester Cathedral from the 27 September to 12 October 2017.Gentry Treasure The exhibition is entitled Treasure – more information from the CA website.

HodgsonAnthony Hodgson is taking part in the Merton Arts Festival, exhibiting his triptych, ‘Imprisoned, Condemned, Liberated’ in St Mark’s Church, Wimbledon SW19 7ND. He will tell the story behind the painting using spoken word, poetry and song on Saturday 23rd September at 7pm. Wendy McTernan, who is speaking at the Vision exhibition reception, is one of the organisers of the Merton Arts Festival.