Members update: Hayley Bowen, Tim Harrold & Anthony Hodgson

Bowen ZooHayley Bowen will be showing her work next month at Greenspace Visiting Artists Gallery 2nd to 30th October. Greenspace Gallery 30 King Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1BS.

Hayley writes: “I’ll be showing some animal artwork in the visitors space at the Greenspace Gallery & Tearoom in Carmarthen during October. Please come along and support me, and the local environmental work undertaken by artist/owner Dorothy Morris. Dorothy gives other artists the opportunity to show their work alongside hers in a designated visitor’s space in central Carmarthen, and the chance to champion and highlight environmental concerns that affect us all.”

Tim Harrold has had a description of works he showed in our Vision exhibition published by ArtWay. In this article, entitled Looking for clues: the cryptic, the puzzling and the parabolic in the search for meaning, he says:

“His work utilises a three-dimensional assemblage style, bringing together found and sourced elements into visual parables. Tim calls this perceptualism, defining it as where the conceptual and metaphysical or the numinous meet.

The signature traits and recurring themes of this body of work are a playfulness with scale in dioramic settings, and the use of architectural figures to emphasise narrative, and the application of spiritual metaphor. The observer is drawn through the fourth wall into wondrous new visions, and the messages of those visions reveal themselves back through that fourth wall.”

Hodgson tryptichAnthony Hodgson Art is hosting a Living Art Evening at St Mark’s Church, Wimbledon (which is next to the library and 5 mins from the train station) from 7pm on Saturday 23rd September. Anthony explains that a ‘Living Art evening’ just means an illustrated talk on ‘Triptych’, (currently on exhibition as part of the Merton Arts Festival), using spoken word, poetry and music.

Built in the late 1960s to a pentagonal plan, the tent-like structure of St Mark’s has been described as ‘spectacular on a sunny day’ as kinetic reflections and patterns filter through a high frieze of coloured windows.