‘The Cross’ – Private View

C9y17MWXcAYk4U_The Private View for the latest commission4mission exhibition was held last night in The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral.
Harvey Bradley, curator of the exhibition, outlined the basis for the show. Jonathan Evens, commission4mission’s secretary, thanked Harvey for all his work and also thanked the Cathedral staff for their support and for the opportunity to show work in this marvellous space.
Jonathan then said:¬†C9y8DIlXsAArQ7R‘The Cross: designs & reflections’ is an exhibition with two objectives. The first, because commission4mission is an organisation which exists to encourage churches to commission contemporary art, is the attempt to display a range of designs of the cross which have the potential to be commissioned by churches.
To assist in imagining potential commissions and the process involved, we have included within the show concept drawings and designs to indicate how initial ideas are developed and revised in forming fully realised creations. We have included a wide range of designs, concepts and media to suggest the way in which our artists can lead you into new ways of understanding and perceiving the Cross, should you choose to commission them.
C9y8DIzXoAI861wThat brings us to our other aim which is to challenge you to view and perceive the cross from a wide range of different perspectives.¬†This is what artists bring to a church and to commissions. There is no point in commissioning art which reinforces our existing understandings of the cross, as these are already received and understood. Instead artists and artworks are at their best when they take us out of our comfort zones and into new places which bring new understanding. We believe that that is what commission4mission’s artists do and what we hope is apparent in this exhibition with its variety of media, styles, perspectives and understandings.”
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