Annual Report 2015/16

DSC03091Trustees’ Annual Report for the period 01/04/15 – 31/03/16

Section A                        Reference and administration details

Charity name: commission4mission

Registered charity number: 1161109

Charity’s principal address: 6 Bellvue Road, Romford RM5 3AY

Names of the charity trustees who manage the charity

Trustee name / Office (if any) / Dates acted if not for whole year / Name of person (or body) entitled to appoint trustee (if any)
Revd Jonathan Evens / Secretary & Treasurer / AGM
Mr Peter Webb / Chair / AGM
Mr Mark Lewis / AGM
Mr Harvey Bradley / AGM
Mr Henry Shelton / AGM
Mrs Wendy McTernan / 01/04/15 – 28/09/15 / AGM
Mrs Helen Gheorghiu Gould / 01/04/15 – 28/09/15 / AGM

W21A9088Section B              Structure, governance and management

Description of the charity’s trusts

Type of governing document: Constitution adopted 14th March 2015

How the charity is constituted: Association, with a membership of 36

Trustee selection methods: Trustees are appointed or reappointed annually at the Annual General Meeting

Additional governance issues: commission4mission has partnerships with Faith & Image and We have made Oasis Trust our charity of choice.

Section C                    Objectives and activities

Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document

To promote the arts and advance religion by:

(a) reinvigorating the role of Christian art in church communities and in public life through fostering awareness (by means of exhibitions, study days etc.) of the value of contemporary Christian art in public spaces, as an inspiration to and resource for teaching, learning and worship;

(b) encouraging the commissioning and placing of contemporary Christian art in churches; and

(c) enabling artists to develop their skills and practice in contemporary Christian art through the sharing of information and ideas in networking events, art workshops and similar activities.

Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects

commission4mission benefits the public by enhancing church and public spaces through the commissioning and display of contemporary art, and by sharing the proceeds of commissions and sales of this work with other charities.

Our objects are achieved by:

•        Providing opportunities for churches and other organisations to obtain and commission contemporary Christian art.

•        To enable artists to develop their skills and practice in contemporary Christian art through the sharing of information and ideas.

•        To provide information, ideas and examples of contemporary Christian art and its use/display within church and public settings; and

•        To generate funds for charities through commissions and sales of contemporary Christian art, which in turn encourages and supports the commissioning process.

Section D                      Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year

LewisArt Trails:

Mark Lewis, on behalf of Faith & Image, conducted a guided visit to see contemporary artworks in three churches on the Art Trail for the Barking Episcopal Area on Saturday 30 May 2015. This was followed by an evening event at St Mary’s South Woodford which included the presentation, ‘An Art Sabbatical in Britain and Europe’ by Jonathan Evens. Jonathan Evens also spoke about the Art Trail for the Barking Episcopal Area to the Friends of Valence House on Tuesday 12th May. The Art Trail was created for the Barking Episcopal Area by commission4mission and aims to raise awareness of the rich and diverse range of modern and contemporary arts and crafts from the last 100 years which can be found within the 36 featured churches.

Mark Lewis and Jonathan Evens also prepared a draft Art Trail leaflet for the Corporation of London focusing on modern and contemporary artworks in the City Churches.

country-logoCharitable donation:

Our annual charitable donation made based on our income for 2015-16 was £1,734.84 to Oasis Trust. In 2014 commission4mission made Oasis Trust our charity of choice meaning that our charitable giving will be exclusively to them for the time being.

Trinity Window The MonthCommissions:

Our 13th commission, for an East window at All Saints Goodmayes, was completed in 2015 and was made by Richard Paton to a design by Henry Shelton. Richard and Henry have previously worked together on commission4mission commissions at All Saints Hutton where they created two sets of etched glass windows.

Henry’s colourful abstract design for the three light East window features, in his inimitable minimal style, imagery representing the Holy Trinity. Henry is a member of the congregation and previously created etched glass windows for the Reindorp Chapel at All Saints.

The window commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the church and has been funded, in part, by donations from the congregation in memory of loved ones.

A service to commission and dedicate the newly installed “Trinity Window” as the East Window of All Saints Goodmayes, to commemorate a century of worship at the church, was held on Palm Sunday (20th March, 2016). The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Chelmsford, conducted the Service and dedicated the Centenary window.

Poster - GiftExhibitions:

Classical, modern and contemporary art and architecture beautifully combined for commission4mission’s third exhibition in the setting of St Stephen Walbrook. ‘Gift’ anticipated the traditional season of giving associated with the Christian festival of Christmas, but was intended as a broad theme open to wider interpretation.

commission4mission artists taking part showcased their individual engagements with the theme. Anita Collier showed work, including her ‘The Gift’ sculpture as a bronze, as a guest artist. We first encountered Anita and her work through the Run with the Fire project, when she used the resources to run a community art exhibition and creative workshops. A gift of 10 per cent of the proceeds from sales was donated to the charity Oasis. The exhibition was open from Monday 28th September to Friday 8th October. A launch and evening reception was held on 28th September, preceded by our AGM. A talk was given by Rob Floyd about his experience of being commissioned by Manchester Cathedral to create a Stations of the Cross cycle, and a new series of Stations of the Resurrection, in progress for Liverpool Cathedral


Wendy McTernan and Victoria Norton created termly newsletters with information regarding commission4mission’s activities and exhibitions/events to which our members were contributing.


Three collections of images by commission4mission artists are available for download via

·         Mark of the Cross features 20 poetic meditations on Christ’s journey to the cross and reactions to his resurrection and ascension (images by Henry Shelton and words by Jonathan Evens).

·         The Passion: Reflections and Prayers features pictures, poems and prayers by Henry Shelton and Jonathan Evens which enable us to follow Jesus on his journey to the cross reflecting both on the significance and the pain of that journey as we do so and published as a double-sided A3 sheet with all the images, haiku-like meditations and prayers laid out in sequence for ease of devotional use.

·         Stations of the Cross by Valerie Dean are available as a powerpoint presentation and as a pdf file. Her Stations of the Cross have a very clear and intense focus on details which are evocative of the whole.

Individual images, pdfs and powerpoints for these collections are all available for download from The Worship Cloud. commission4mission artists can sell images and presentations of their images through commission4mission’s page on which has all the packages and images currently available from our artists.

In undertaking these activities the trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit.



















Particular thanks are due to our Patrons (The Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell and The Rt Revd David Hawkins), our committee members (Harvey Bradley, Jonathan Evens, Helen Gheorgiou Gould, Mark Lewis, Wendy McTernan, Henry Shelton and Peter Webb), our Independent Examiner (Ranjit Solomon), our newsletter editors (Wendy McTernan and Victoria Norton), Peter Webb (as curator of the ‘Gift’ exhibition), and David Millidge (for his photographic and marketing work).  We particularly record our gratitude to Wendy McTernan and Helen Gheorghiu Gould, both of whom stood down as committee members during this year, for their sterling work whilst serving the committee. Their contributions are missed, although Wendy still represents commission4mission at meetings with Oasis Trust.

The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above.