Merton Art Festival

HBDSC00598The Merton Arts Festival will be an explosion of art over the weekends of 17th/18th & 24th/25th September 2016 where creativity will be everywhere involving everyone:

• The Artists’ Open House/Studios where emerging and established artists in Merton open up their houses or studios to the public in the time-honoured way. Entry is free; you’ll be able to see, buy or commission work. Most artists are open both weekends from 11am-5pm, for exceptions see the map.



• ‘Lost & Found’ Open Exhibitions. A new innovation this year was to give the festival a broad theme. Local and guest artists were invited to submit work, encouraging them to push the boundaries of their creativity. ‘Lost & Found’ exhibitions will take place at the new Merton Arts Space at Wimbledon Library, St Mark’s Church Wimbledon, The Sultan Pub in Colliers Wood, and the Craft Gallery at Merton Abbey Mills. Lost & Found will run throughout the week from 11am-5pm, 17th-25th September.

commission4mission Associate Member, Wendy McTernan, is part of the Festival Team. Harvey Bradley and Anthony Hodgson are taking part in the ‘Lost and Found’ exhibition.

Harvey has written the following about the work he is including:

HBDSC00607Lost and Found

Hidden Treasure’ Harvey Bradley 2016

Thrown on a potter’s wheel no two pots are the same, yet each can have a function.

Outside the bowl

On my bowl I have sketched several widely known images used by Christians over the centuries. They are hand etched and modified to render them discrete, like ‘secret’ symbols chosen by early Christians as a means of revealing themselves to other followers – drawn in the sand or on walls. 

Hidden behind the motifs, images and parables of the Christian faith is a profound message of love and a relationship shared with our living God. For many, our faith centres around the Passion – the story of Gods great love for us that ‘He died that we might be forgiven’ (There is a green hill, hymn by Cecil Francis Alexander). 

However the story goes on, burgeoning into an opportunity to share with the Holy Spirit.  Acceptance is a personal step between us individually and the Holy Spirit. Once accepted, we can share not only our joys but also our deepest thoughts and fears. In this dialogue we can sense the presence of our Creator God and His will for us to thrive actively in His creation.

Though we attempt to illustrate the Spirit using images of fire, wind and water the reality is only to be comprehended in our hearts and minds. Importantly the fruits of our relationship will be joyful and caring responses to the needs of others.

HBDSC00597Inside the bowl

As nice as it is to place earthly fruits and treasures inside a bowl sometimes it is an unseen and quiet spiritual reality we need to fill the void. 

My use of ash glaze on the inside of the bowl maps a story of its own. A tree, cut, dried and burnt produces a lifeless grey ash. Re fired to high temperatures it transforms into a glass (glaze). 

Over time we may lose our sense of purpose – maybe feeling dull ash grey and inert. But in the Spirit’s redefining fire we can be transformed – treasuring a sense of purpose; finding new qualities that are durable and of service to others.