Reflection exhibition update 5

ReflectionfinaWe can confirm more of our artists who will be contributing to the ‘Reflection’ exhibition. In addition to Hayley Bowen, Christopher Clack, Mary Davey, Valerie DeanJonathan Evens, Terry Ffyffe, Maurizio Galia, Michael Garaway, John Gentry, Clorinda Goodman, Barbara Harris, Tim Harrold, Anthony Hodgson, Mark Lewis, Janet Roberts, Henry Shelton, Sergiy Shkanov and Peter Webb, we can confirm that Harvey Bradley and David Millidge, among others, will be showing work.HBDSC00665


Harvey and David will both show examples of their ceramic work. Harvey has tenmoku bottles and sgraffito bowls to display, while David will bring a ceramic mary2sculpture of Mary. Harvey will also show a painting entitled ‘Ichthus Radiance’.

Michael Garaway has posted a piece on his blog about the genesis of ‘Voice by Voice’, the diptych that he will show at ‘Reflection’. The piece uses an antithetical version of the Lord’s Prayer, as found in the Book of Common Prayer, as if spoken by someone both driven by and driving an incessant consumerism. He had put this poem aside, not knowing how he might use it, until this year’s exhibition theme of ‘Reflection’ provided an appropriate opportunity to revise the text and develop a piece of work with it.

The exhibition launch reception will be held on Tuesday 6th September from 6.30pm and will include a talk by Richard D. North. All are welcome. The reception will be preceded by commission4mission’s AGM at 5.30pm.

Our secretary, Revd Jonathan Evens, will give an illustrated talk at 1.00pm (repeated at 5.00pm) on Wednesday 14th September at St Stephen Walbrook entitled ‘Congruity and controversy: exploring issues for contemporary commissions.’ Modern commissions by Henry Moore, Patrick Heron, Hans Coper and Andrew Varah at St Stephen Walbrook bring into focus some of the key issues and questions regarding modern or contemporary commissions. Jonathan will explore these issues in his talk, which will be in the context of the ‘Reflection’ exhibition.