Reflection exhibition update 3

We are able to announceReflectionfina an additional number of our artist members who will be exhibiting at St Stephen Walbrook as part of the Reflection exhibition. In addition to Hayley BowenChristopher Clack, Valerie Dean, Jonathan Evens, Michael GarawayJohn Gentry, Clorinda GoodmanTim Harrold, Anthony HodgsonJanet Roberts and Peter Webb, we can confirm that Terry Ffyffe, Maurizio Galia, Mark Lewis, Henry Shelton and Sergiy Shkanov, among others, will be showing work.

Rob Floyd, who spoke about his Stations of the Resurrection during the exhibition Self Portrait in Water 2reception at last year’s ‘Gift’ exhibition, will show three works; two portraits and a landscape. On our ‘Reflection’ theme, Rob will include his ‘Self Portrait in Water.’

The Australian-born artist Terry Ffyffe, winner of the Discerning Eye and Eastern Open Awards, will show two paintings in our ‘Reflection’ exhibition which will also feature in his ‘Painting the Light’ exhibition at 5th Base Gallery from 16th – 18th September 2016. He is exhibiting an explosive new series of ‘cosmic paintings’. Quantum physics, images of space revealed via the Hubble Telescope, and the hidden world of atoms, cells and amoebas are among the inspirations for these radiant and spectacular new works.

e5fae5_d3aaf9a8877146a1920f458d2589d05e-mv2Terry says: “Art should inspire the viewer, ideally raise the consciousness, elevate the mind to think of higher things like the beauty and mystery of the natural world, to contemplate deep questions as to purpose and meaning, like What is the origin of this life? What is reality? Questions that have no easy answer but require a personal journey of developing awareness.”

Maurizio Galia is preparing a triptych testing ideas for a new opera; ‘”St Sebastian” or a modern refugee? Mirrors or Smartphones screens? Saints chatting on FB or Twitter? Warriors or children killers?’ Answers can be found in the ‘Reflection’ exhibition.