Reflection exhibition update 2

ReflectionfinaWe have confirmed the involvement of a further two of our artists in our forthcoming Reflection exhibition at St Stephen Walbrook. Hayley Bowen and Michael Garaway are both preparing pieces exploring the theme of prayer.
Hayley Bowen’s ‘Reflection – You’ll always find the light when it’s burning low’ is a drawing exploring reflection and quiet contemplation.We often remember to stop and do this only when we desperately need to.
Reflection-You'll always find the Light when it's Burning Low.
Hayley will also show ‘The Way We Pray’, a sequence of sketched hands in prayer. These will all be graphite and Chinese white pencil on brown recycled artist-grade paper. The hands will all be different, reflecting the personal way in which individual people pray.
Michael Garaway is preparing a diptych study piece for this exhibition, based on the Lord’s Prayer presented as a reflecting response to a more dystopian text. The latter follows the same rhythm as the Lord’s Prayer but expresses a more negative worldview, perhaps rather like Ecclesiastes – toil, trouble and vanity. Thus the title of the piece is “Voice by Voice”, the negative voice on the left, the voice of prayer on the right. Michael is aiming to test the idea of contrasting “voices” in the tradition of illuminated text, modified with contemporary graphical forms treated as a mixed media study.
Reflection will be at St Stephen Walbrook (39 Walbrook, London EC4N 8BN), Tuesday 6 – Friday 16 September (Weekdays 10.00am – 4.00pm, Weds 11.00am – 3.00pm). An exhibition reception (6.30pm) and commission4mission’s AGM (5.30pm) will be held on Tuesday 6 September.