Bread for the World

Cllo4g_WYAEU8nKIrina Bradley, Valerie Dean, Tim Harrold and Henry Shelton spoke on inspiration in the Bread for the World service held at St Martin-in-the-Fields yesterday, being interviewed by Jonathan Evens. Their input was based on Exodus 31. 1-11 as they responded to the following questions while speaking about their own artistic practice:

  • The first person in the Bible to be described as “filled with divine spirit” is not a prophet, priest, or king, but an artist. What does that say to you about the place of the Arts in our faith?
  • The definition of inspiration includes spirit filling our bodies. How do you understand inspiration and how do you experience inspiration?
  • Bezalel’s artistic task was to decorate the tabernacle where God was worshipped. What part do you think the Arts should play in the Church?

Feedback suggested that those at the service were glad to learn about commision4mission and hear from inspired artists. It was a very interesting discussion complemented by some great slides on our rolling presentation showing examples from each artist’s work.