Members update: Galia, Gentry, Parkinson, Paton & Shelton

9259e175-dad4-42ca-bcd2-e926d1bcb509John Gentry is taking part in the Gainsborough’s House Print Work Shop exhibition until 14th May at St. Peter’s Church, Sudbury, Suffolk. John says, “There are usually about 30 of us who take part. We exhibit 4 framed works apiece. St Peter’s is in the town square,which leads from Gainsborough Street, redundant as a place of worship, though thoroughly used by the Sudbury community for a variety of sympathetic purposes.”

The Dedication Service for the Trinity Window by Henry Shelton and Trinity Window The MonthRichard Paton at All Saints Goodmayes is featured in the current edition of The Month, the newspaper for the Diocese of Chelmsford. Richard Paton has also completed a stained glass window to a design by Craigie Aitchison for St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, which will be unveiled on Sunday 22nd March.

1ddbc006-ff05-44d9-a9c2-334e5157353fJacqui Parkinson has been interviewed by Church Times and talks about her current touring exhibition:

“Working on the Book of Revelation was inspired by going to see the work of the artist Marc Chagall in Vence, in southern France. I just stood in awe before them, and dreamed the dream that would become Threads through Revelation.

It’s taken up a lot of my time over the past three years and three months. The study of this strange book has made me grapple with issues of life and faith, death and judgement, hell and eternity, the new heaven and new earth. It has caused me to question and rethink my faith, but, ultimately, given me great hope that eternity can be a wonderful thing — an exciting adventure lived with a God who lovingly wipes away all the tears we shed in this stained world in which we now live.”

Maurizio Galia has work in a new exhibition in Asti (near Turin) about the history of Italian 13007290_10207731806566238_2825463198501645339_nMountain Troops. Maurizio has also provided illustrations for a forthcoming book on Father Giocondo Pio Lorgna who founded the Beata Imelda Dominican Sisters congregation.