Congruity and controversy: exploring issues for contemporary commissions

Jonathan Evens, our secretary, was recently invited to write a post on commissioning art for the ArtWay blog. His post draws on his sabbatical art pilgrimage, his experiences through commission4mission and the example of St Stephen Walbrook where he is Priest-in-charge.

In the post he writes:

W21A9179“The Henry Moore commission at St Stephen Walbrook … brings into focus some of the key issues and questions regarding modern or contemporary commissions. In 2014 I explored these issues and questions through a sabbatical art pilgrimage which involved visits to significant sites connected to the renewal of religious art in Europe during the twentieth century. In Europe I have visited some of the sites connected with the groups of artists surrounding Maurice Denis, Jacques Maritain, Albert Gleizes and Père Marie-Alain Couturier, while, in the UK, I primarily visited sites which highlight the influence of innovatory commissions undertaken by Bishop George Bell and Canon Walter Hussey. These were issues with which I had already begun to grapple as secretary to commission4mission, an arts charity encouraging churches to commission contemporary art.”
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