Members update: Beverley Barr & Anthony Hodgson

image1-1-108x120Beverley Barr showed prints of her Stations of the Cross, the originals of which are permanently housed in Christ Church Eastbourne, at the All Saints Centre, Kings Heath during March. The exhibition tied in with displays of the same theme by local community groups which were shown within All Saints Church. All Saints Community Arts runs an ongoing programme of exhibitions, providing space for visual artists to show their work in a convivial community setting – the Welcome Space in the All Saints Centre.

5513_10153993028832359_5164191641555255696_n (1)Anthony Hodgson‘s painting ‘The Bridge’ has recently been hosted by Middlesbrough Cathedral, Teesside. Anthony gave two expositions; the first was tailored for a class of Yr 6 schoolchildren whilst the second was for the general public. Both included songs and poetry. Anthony offers art evenings at which he tells the story behind a piece of art, how it came to be, what it means. The painting or drawing is on view. He also sings songs and reads poetry to amplify what’s being said. Anthony is currently working with Fryup Press to produce a small book of poems to accompany ‘The Bridge’.