Anita Collier at ‘Gift’

11874033_1159146247433308_732623418_nAnita Collier will be showing work in our ‘Gift’ exhibition as a guest artist. The work she will be showing includes her ‘The Gift’ sculpture as a bronze. We first encountered Anita and her work through the Run with the Fire project, when she used the resources to run a community art exhibition and creative workshops.

Anita says: ‘The inspiration for my paintings range from what catches my attention in the world around me, to what captures my inner world in the form of a picture, idea or emotion. I then try to faithfully create from this connected place… so my work is often narrative and inspired by beauty, offering glimpses of another world that whispers to the heart.

I have also learnt that the process of painting with all its initial excitement, hopes, frustrations and delights, is of equal value as the final outcome. An opportunity to reflect and slow down from life’s other demands – time invested into what’s important, as well as what is urgent. This helps me appreciate and celebrate the preciousness of life. Maybe my paintings will go some way toward doing the same for you. I hope you find them uplifting and thought provoking, encouraging you to stop, look, and listen to your own heart and the world around.’