Visit to ‘In The Wilderness’

bd998596-646b-4a32-99d5-9dbb4680f132A commission4mission visit to see In The Wilderness, a Lent exhibition including paintings by Adam Boulter and poems by Malcolm Guite, is arranged for Saturday 28 March, meeting at St Margaret’s Westminster at 11.00am. All are welcome.

‘The biblical wilderness with its rocky mountainous desert has been a place of sanctuary and transformation for prophets and holy men since the dawn of history. Here Abraham and Jacob encountered the divine, Jesus confronted the diabolical, St Paul and the early monks learnt to speak the truth to those who would listen, and contemporary Christians seek refuge from the wars that are ripping apart this region. Here many stories and cultures that have shaped civilisations are layered onto the land.’

These paintings by priest and former c4m member Adam Boulter, now based at the port of Aqaba in Jordan, together with poems by Malcolm Guite, uncover some of these stories and tie them into our lives and times.

‘Temptation in the Wilderness’ by Adam Boulter