Stations of the Holocaust

Invitiation-Exhibition-FinalwebStations of the Holocaust is an exhibition of hand carved and painted sculptures on the theme of Jesus’ last hours juxtaposed with scenes of the Jewish Holocaust by commission4mission member Jean Lamb which can be seen at Coventry Cathedral from Monday 16th February to Good Friday 3rd April 2015. There will be a preview of the exhibition from 5.00pm with the official opening at 6.00pm after Evening Prayer on Monday 16th February.


Jean Lamb works part time as an artist and part time as a Church of England Deacon in Nottingham. She writes that ‘Lent reminds us why we need Jesus, as we see the fall of Adam within ourselves. That which we want to do, we do not do, and that which we do not want, we do, says the Apostle St Paul, as he bemoaned the state of his soul. Taking time to contemplate our human condition during this set-aside time each year, yields cathartic consequences which refresh the spirit for the coming year. God allows his Son to experience all the consequences of our rebellion against him on the cross …

Towards the end of his life on the cross, Jesus asks his Father why he has been abandoned by him; has God himself become one of his persecutors? As Lent comes to a close in Holy Week, let us ask our Lord to help us to consider more deeply the mystical offering which the Father gives of his Son for our salvation and how we are to be engaged with this reciprocal relationship.’