Members update: Jonathan Evens

7915_28 November 2014_coverJonathan Evens has had a feature article based on his sabbatical art pilgrimage published by the Church Times. In it he highlights ‘hidden gems’ of the sacred art revival in the twentieth century; churches which do not have iconic profiles and therefore demonstrate that the engagement of artists with churches in that period meant more than simply prestige and profile. The cover image of this week’s edition comes from one of the churches he features in the article, Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil at Lourtier.

Jonathan has recently announced that he is to become Priest for Partnership Development Development at two churches in London. In the New Year he will become Priest-in-Charge at St Stephen Walbrook and also an Associate Minister at St Martin-in-the-Fields. This is a new role which involves forming partnerships between the two churches as well as with businesses in the City of London and cultural organisations around Trafalgar Square.