Fr. Stephen’s anniversary gift

Fr Stephen Pugh, Parish Priest at St Margaret of Antioch Ilford, recently celebrated 25 years of ordained ministry and commission4mission received a commission to create a gift celebrating this occasion. The brief included reference to silver, the colour for 25th anniversaries, plus Stephen’s love of France and his ministry itself. Henry Shelton rose to the challenge with the image above which […]

Charitable donations – Rejuvenate Worldwide and St Francis Hospice

Each year commission4mission makes a donation to a chosen charity with the money donated having been raised through commissions and sales obtained in the preceding year. This year our committee members have asked that our annual donation – which amounts to £676 – be given to Rejuvenate Worldwide and St Francis Hospice. Rejuvenate Worldwide is a non-denominational Christian charity […]

c4m @ Billericay Art Trail

Among events at the Billericay Art Trail today was a Big Draw workshop at Norsey Woods and an Arts Evening at St Mary Magdalen. commission4mission made a contribution to both events with Mark Lewis and Peter Webb taking part in the Big Draw plus Colin Burns and Jonathan Evens performing at the Arts Evening. These […]

Billericay Art Trail

The Billericay Art Trail has its online brochure available at In the brochure Harvey Bradley says, “Although creativity can be challenging, the struggle often leads to things that lift the spirit and give great joy. This summer, Billericay celebrates those who have overcome such a challenge. We applaud the artistic talent and skills that […]


Our recent exhibition at St Paul’s Goodmayes included three portraits of local clerics: Michael Creasey exhibited a striking portrait of The Rt. Revd. David Hawkins, Bishop of Barking, in reflective pose; Henry Shelton showed his portrait of Fr. Benjamin Rutt-Field, Vicar of St Paul’s Goodmayes; while Peter Webb included his quirky painted wood relief portrait […]